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There will be no Midland Bike Day - Dock to Dock ride for 2013. Hope everyone has a great season cycling!

Highlights from Midland's 2012 Dock To Dock Bike to Work Day. Big thanks to Nate Lacroix & The Midland Film Club for this video.

Anyone under 18 yrs old who wants to participate "must wear a helmet" and we encourage all riders to wear a helmet. Also please do not ride with ipod - it is important to hear traffic around you or voices from other riders giving warning etc...

The CTS Bike Club has organized an event called 'Dock to Dock / Midland Bike Day'. This event is designed to increase awareness of cycling and promote healthy living in our community.

The event will be held on Friday May 25th, 2012 during National Bike-to-Work Week, at 8:00 am in the 104.1fm Dock's parking lot (335 Cranston Crescent). At which point the collected group of cyclists will bike down King Street, 'Live-to-air with Meg Whitton' from the morning show, and finish at the town docks and then disperse to their local employment in the spirit of Bike-to-Work Day.

This event has been approved by the Town of Midland and May 25th is officially "Midland Bike Day". This is a free event for all to attend, thus we are looking for event sponsors to help alleviate operational cost. Please see this PDF for an outline of the sponsorship opportunities available.

Midland Bike Day was created to help:

  • create awareness on sharing the road with biking commuters
  • promote more town bike lanes that would help bikers
  • promote building/maintaining new and existing trail networks
  • point out green benefits of biking for pollution and gas prices
  • build a stronger/bigger community around biking and it’s advocates
  • raise more safety awareness and fun programs for kids that bike
  • promote biking in Midland as a tourist activity
  • and most importantly showing how much fun biking is!

Bike with Team Diabetes and Make an Impact!